Dr. Peter Nockemann

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Dr. Nockemann joined Queen’s University as a lecturer for Inorganic Chemistry (RCUK fellow) in November 2008. Dr. Peter Nockemann is working on inorganic and nanomaterials chemistry in ionic liquids.

In 2002, Dr. Nockemann completed his PhD thesis on the subject: „Affinity of Mercury to Nitrogen Donor Ligands“ in structural inorganic chemistry under the supervision of Prof Dr. Gerd Meyer at the University of Cologne, Germany. In September 2002 he joined the group of Prof. Dr. Koen Binnemans and Prof. Dr. Christiane Görller-Walrand at the K.U.Leuven in Belgium as a postdoctoral research fellow for the European project „Optical Amplification in Polymer Based Materials and Devices“ on the luminescence of lanthanide complexes in polymer matrices (OPAMD, 2002-2005). In 2006, he continued research at the K.U. Leuven in the interdisciplinary research project "Ionic liquids as medium for catalytic reactions and electrodeposition of metal layers”.

Dr. Nockemann is interested in inorganic and nanomaterials chemistry, photoluminescence and photonic materials, coordination chemistry, structure determination by single crystal X-ray diffraction, powder diffraction and EXAFS, lanthanide chemistry and ionic liquids.

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Publications (selection):

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